The Greenhouse Effect – a solo exhibit by Janet Ritter Davies

Exhibit runs May 1-June 16
Located at the Perrysburg Municipal Building
201 W. Indiana Ave.

Janet Ritter Davies has a different perspective on the greenhouse effect.  She literally draws inspiration from   her job in a greenhouse. Her daily interaction with flowers and plants at a local high end greenhouse is a daily inspiration for her art work.

Davies has developed her own unique style of watercolor painting. When  describing her work process she says  “ I break  the traditional watercolor rules”.  She continues,  ” I  strive for realism  and great detail in my  watercolor paintings. I focus on intricate details  by using  hard edges  and a dry brush  method as opposed to the more traditional wet on wet technique ”.

 Davies  is a regular participant in area juried exhibits and art festivals..  Among her numerous awards and recognitions was an award from the Distinguished Artist’s area in  Rally For the Arts at Harrison Rally Day.

Davies’ exhibit, curated by Main Art-ery, features 35 watercolor paintings that include a range of subject matter ranging from  crisp flower compositions to avian art.

Pink Tulips by Janet Ritter-Davies

Pink Tulips by Janet Ritter-Davies

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