Art Exhibits

Main Art-ery curates rotating public art exhibits featuring local artists at the Perrysburg Municipal Building. Exhibit hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30 pm at 201 W. Indiana Ave.

For more information about participating in the City of Perrysburg Public Art Program, contact Exhibits run for 6 weeks and feature local artists of all kinds.


Lindsey Johnson: Nature of the Burn

January 3rd- February 14, 2020

Down By The Water, Lindsey Johnson, Wood burn on Basswood

Lindsey Johnson: Nature of the Burn exhibit features 28 works of art and can be seen at the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue in Perrysburg.  Viewing hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Evening hours can be found on the City of Perrysburg website calendar

Emerging artist, Lindsey Johnson, age 24, is among a small group of artists in the country who have turned their attention to the ancient art form of Pyrography. Pyrography, (also known as wood burning), became synonymous with “woodburning kits” that were frequently given as gifts to children.  Lindsey Johnson’s work dispels the notion that wood burning is for novices. She is among the talented contemporary artists redefining wood burning as a fine art.   

Ms. Johnson is best known for her pen and ink drawings on paper as well as tattoo art. Her skillful use of rod tips and techniques used to burn intricate designs into birch and basswood appears to be a natural fit for her well-developed drawing skills. 

Discovering and learning techniques to achieve tones, shades and special effects has satisfied her creative desire to find a new and challenging art form.  She said, “I love the natural feel of working with wood. Most of my pieces are inspired by nature and a combination of natural elements.  Flowers, tree leaves, animals and then geometric elements (relating to the Fibonacci sequence and mathematics of the golden ratio) found in nature.    Doing wood burns helps me feel even more connected with that inspiration.  I love the unique, and sometimes challenging grains of the wood in every piece.”

 In addition to her recent work in pyrography the exhibit will feature her drawings and paintings.  Artwork in the exhibit can be purchased directly from the artist.  ​Artist contact information is available at the exhibit.  

The Perrysburg Municipal Public Art Series is sponsored by the City of Perrysburg.

Previous Exhibitions:

Michael Goettner: Solo Exhibit

November 1st- December 20, 2019

At the Gate, Acrylic on Canvas

The Perrysburg Public Art Exhibit Series is show casing the work of internationally known fine artist and industrial designer, Michael Goettner.   The exhibit, Michael Goettner Solo Exhibit is running now through December 20 in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue.  

Michael Goettner is best known for his paintings of classic cars and planes.  The Michael Goettner Solo Exhibit displays his signature work as well as charming paintings of a more personal nature.  Two watercolor paintings on view include autographs from notable race car drivers and Italian supercar legends.  The painting, Sweet 16 is signed by race car drivers Danika Patrick & Bobby Rahal, Ground Level Flight is signed by Marie Terese Lamborghini, Claudio Zampoli, & Valentino Balboni, all three are legends in the world of the Italian supercars. 

Mr. Goettner’s paintings have been exhibited in the Automobile Hall of Fame, the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum, the Pierce Arrow Museum, the Hopkins, MN Art Museum, and the Pole Position Gallery in Paris. They are on permanent display in Jay Leno’s Museum, Automobili Lamborghini, Ferrari S.p.A., Porsche AG, and Nascar’s Wood Brothers Racing Museum, to name a few. His automobile art has been exhibited at most major automobile events in America including the Hilton Head, Cincinnati, Houston, Rhode Island, Chicago, Dayton, and Meadow Brook Concours, to name a few.  His work was recognized with  numerous awards at these events and was included in several publications including Motor Trend, Automobile, and Automobile Quarterly.​   His work is in the permanent collection of the Jay Leno Museum, Nascar’s Wood Brothers Racing Museum and in the Apollo 8 astronaut, William Anders Heritage Flight Museum collection.   Two of his aviation paintings were placed in the Pentagon.   Goettner’s military art received a commendation from the governor of Kentucky for his painting commemorating the Kentucky National Guard deployment to Iraq during “Desert storm”. 

The artist’s industrial design career included work as the Creative Deisign manager for Owens-Illinois. His career has been filled with notable accomplishments that included numerous design patents.  Simultaneously he provided artwork for a number of clients including Kenworth Trucks, The Dana Corporation, and other automobile-oriented companies, as well as creating technical illustrations for a variety of industries. His work included aftermarket automobile concepts, technical catalogs, and automobile fine art. 

Viewing hours for Michael Goettner Solo Exhibit are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. Evening hours can be found on the City of Perrysburg website calendar.   All the artwork in the exhibit is for sale and can be purchased directly from the artist whose contact information can be found at the exhibit.   

The Perrysburg Municipal Public Art Exhibit Series is supported by the City of Perrysburg and curated by  Main ART-ery.  For more information  email: Visit our Facebook page at Main ART-ery

Musician Andrew Ellis Debuts his Artwork: A Solo Exhibit

September 3rd- October 18, 2019

Self, Ink on paper, 2019

September 3rd thru October 18th, 2019

Andrew Ellis: A Solo Exhibit features the artwork of Andrew Ellis, an area singer and songwriter who has achieved a successful solo music career which includes an upcoming European tour. He has been incubating an equal talent for visual arts.

Andrew Ellis has enjoyed drawing since he was a child. The artist has spent the last few years dedicated to honing his visual art chops by studying technique, as well as exploring and practicing in a variety of art mediums. His painting style has been compared to his music… big and bold with a brut-like quality, but polished. The art exhibit is a debut exhibit of the multi-talented artist and musician. It is part of the Perrysburg Public Art Series . Twenty two works of art ranging in size from 6 inch x 6 inch gouache to 5 x 4 feet acrylics are on display now through October 18 in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue. Viewing hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Evening hours coincide with public city meetings and can be found on the City of Perrysburg website calendar.

The artwork in the collection ranges in style, medium and subject matter. They are inspired snapshot views taken from his world travels, daily life, and fertile imagination. Main ART-ery Curator, Christine Deemer described the artist’s work by saying, ” he doesn’t get too rushed or walk away too soon from the intricate parts of his work. His brushstrokes are as large as his 5′ x4′ paintings countered with a good grasp of contrast and scale.” Andrew Ellis performs frequently in Perrysburg and in the surrounding area. His fans and followers who know his music will enjoy viewing the world through the talented lens of Andrew Ellis.

The artwork in the exhibit is for sale. Purchases can be made directly with Andrew Ellis. Contact information can be found at the exhibit.
This Perrysburg Municipal Art Exhibit Series is supported by the City of Perrysburg.
Please visit our Facebook page: MainARTeryPerrysburg

Randy Bennett: A Solo Exhibit

July 1st- August 16, 2019

Randy Bennett, Twenty-three minutes

Randy Bennett: A Solo Exhibit is a new exhibit in The City of Perrysburg Municipal Art Series.  It features a  collection of 24 mixed media paintings by the award winning artist, Randy Bennett.  The exhibit runs now through August 16 in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue.  Viewing hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and some evening hours which can be found on the City of Perrysburg Calendar ci.perrysburg

Randy Bennett has been painting for fifty years and has established  a notable and successful range of styles  including Surrealism, and Pop Art.  The artist has stated his artistic desire is to create work that is distinctive, well executed and difficult to ignore.   He is currently working in oil and acrylic combined with vintage advertising and receiving recognition and awards in shows throughout the state.  The mixed media work on display in the Perrysburg Municipal Art Series harkens back to Social Realism with a focus on events reflected in vintage news clippings and ads collaged into his paintings.  The  work is visually alluring and thought provoking.   Vintage clippings subtly infused into the  paintings reflect past political “incorrectness” by today’s standards and historic events.  The result is impactful narrative paintings that meet and exceed the artist’s goal to produce work that is “distinctive, well executed and in this case very difficult to ignore.
This exhibit series is supported by the City of Perrysburg, and curated by Main ART-ery.  For more information about this series please contact Christine Deemer, Curator  at info@mainart-ery or check out Main ART-ery on Facebook or the website:
All work in the exhibit is for sale and can be purchased directly from the artist.  Contact information is available at the exhibit.

One Line at a Time: Drawings by Jean Gidich-Holbrook

May 1st- June 21, 2019

Dragons Gate Paint by Jean Gidich-Holbrook

One Line at a Time: Drawings by Jean Gidich-Holbrook will run through June 21 in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue.  Viewing hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Evening hours can be found on the City of Perrysburg website

Jean Gidich-Holbrook  sees the world through an artistic lens.  Her artist statement, “ Drawing the World the Way I See It…One Line at a Time” is reflected in her intricately detailed drawings.   Each piece is composed of strategic marks, lines, and elements that create complex compositional works of art.  The artist places the same value on each line as others do when choosing their words carefully.  She states, “Art is my way of expressing what I need to say without any words.” 

Mrs. Gidich-Holbrook has taught art in Genoa High School for almost 30 years and dabbled in her own art in her spare time.  Ironically in 2017 a graduating senior gave her 2 ink pens and said, “I think you could do great things with these.”  The next fall she found them on her desk and began doodling with them.  She hasn’t stopped drawing since she picked up those pens.  In less than 2 years she has been awarded several recognitions and exhibited her work for the Ohio Arts Council, Riffe Gallery in Columbus and participated in several juried group and solo shows.

Most of the artwork in the exhibit is labeled as a monoprint.  The artist produces a giclee of her original drawing then embellishes her print by hand to make each piece unique and one of a kind. 

All works of art in the exhibit are for sale and can be purchased directly from the artist.  Contact information can be found at the exhibit.  
For additional information about the exhibit please contact Christine Deemer, Curator of Main Art-ery at     

Paying Art Forward: A Solo Exhibit by Katheryn Housepian

March 1st- April 19, 2019

A new exhibit by Perrysburg resident, Kathryn Housepian is on display in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue.  Paying Art Forward: A Solo Exhibit by Kathryn Housepian runs now through April 19.  Viewing hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Kathryn Housepian’s exhibit title, “Paying Art Forward”  defines her.  She is an artist, author, illustrator, and retired  Perrysburg High School teacher.  She has spent her lifetime using her multi-faceted creative skills to impact the quality of life for those around her.   A notable way she pays art forward is to leave hand painted rocks around Perrysburg with hopes it will brighten the day of the person who finds it.  During her Perrysburg teaching career Mrs. Housepian  pioneered “The Cellar” program at PHS which incorporated art, writing, video, and music into technology to share with the community.  The program won numerous awards and grants both locally and nationally.   She was named a Martha Holden Jennings Master Teacher, as well as a Technology and Learning Educator of the Year.  She has illustrated four children’s books about  Hoot the Owl, and wrote two in the collection.  Additionally she has written three  books for adults.  All can be found on Amazon or by contacting the artist directly.  There is a painting in the exhibit titled Into the Clouds which is an original illustration from the book, Hoot the Owl & His Forest Friends.  

Mrs. Housepian is a mixed media artist working primarily in encaustic, ink, and clay.  Viewers will see  reoccurring symbols in her work such as stars as well as charming, whimsical paintings with girls in them.  When asked to explain the symbolism the artist said, ” My girl drawings  represent me and other women like me,   “She Reaches the Moon.” “She Throws Stars.” “Star Gazers.” They are all represent  my life. When I paint, I reach the moon. When I leave painted rocks for people I do not know, I throw stars. When my dog and I walk at the park, we are star gazers, enjoying the world around us, excited with the wind and the sky and squirrels.”  

This exhibit series is supported by The City of Perrysburg and curated by  main ART-ery.   For purchase information please contact Kathryn Housepian directly at   For additional information please contact Christine Deemer, Curator at

Dorothy Clarke Solo Exhibit

Twenty five paintings by the late Dorothy Clark (1905-1986) have been brought together from private collections throughout the region for a special tribute exhibition of the beloved artist.  The exhibit is on display September 1 – October 15 in the Perrysburg Municipal Building 201 West Indiana Avenue.  Viewing hours are 8am-4:30pm Monday -Friday. Dorothy Clarke was a popular…

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Shear Sensations: a solo exhibit by Claire Wilson runs March 1- April 15, 2014

Claire Wilson began painting seriously at the age of 40.   Throughout her 35 year career as a Toledo artist Claire has become a recognized watercolor collage artist maintaining a steady representation in area galleries, a presence in regional and national exhibits, as well active memberships in numerous local and regional art clubs and organizations.   Her most recent recognitions include the Best of…

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Larry Golba Solo Exhibit

A solo exhibit of plein air paintings by artist Larry Golba is on display through February 16 in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Ave.  Curated by Main Art-ery this exhibit features 25 beautifully executed landscape paintings that warm up the  Municipal Building walls and take viewers to places that are void…

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Etched in Salt – The Etchings of Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher’s solo exhibit features his recent work of salt etchings . The exhibit runs through October 15 in the Perrysburg Municipal Building located at 201 W. Indiana. Viewing hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm. Craig Fisher Exhibit – Download Poster Fisher’s images are complex and detailed. They reflect Craig’s fascination with…

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