Art Exhibits

Main Art-ery curates rotating public art exhibits featuring local artists at the Perrysburg Municipal Building. Exhibit hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30 pm at 201 W. Indiana Ave.

For more information about participating in the City of Perrysburg Public Art Program, contact Exhibits run for 6 weeks and feature local artists of all kinds.


Paying Art Forward: A Solo Exhibit by Katheryn Housepian

A new exhibit by Perrysburg resident, Kathryn Housepian is on display in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue.  Paying Art Forward: A Solo Exhibit by Kathryn Housepian runs now through April 19.  Viewing hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Kathryn Housepian’s exhibit title, “Paying Art Forward”  defines her.  She is an artist, author, illustrator, and retired  Perrysburg High School teacher.  She has spent her lifetime using her multi-faceted creative skills to impact the quality of life for those around her.   A notable way she pays art forward is to leave hand painted rocks around Perrysburg with hopes it will brighten the day of the person who finds it.  During her Perrysburg teaching career Mrs. Housepian  pioneered “The Cellar” program at PHS which incorporated art, writing, video, and music into technology to share with the community.  The program won numerous awards and grants both locally and nationally.   She was named a Martha Holden Jennings Master Teacher, as well as a Technology and Learning Educator of the Year.  She has illustrated four children’s books about  Hoot the Owl, and wrote two in the collection.  Additionally she has written three  books for adults.  All can be found on Amazon or by contacting the artist directly.  There is a painting in the exhibit titled Into the Clouds which is an original illustration from the book, Hoot the Owl & His Forest Friends.  

Mrs. Housepian is a mixed media artist working primarily in encaustic, ink, and clay.  Viewers will see  reoccurring symbols in her work such as stars as well as charming, whimsical paintings with girls in them.  When asked to explain the symbolism the artist said, ” My girl drawings  represent me and other women like me,   “She Reaches the Moon.” “She Throws Stars.” “Star Gazers.” They are all represent  my life. When I paint, I reach the moon. When I leave painted rocks for people I do not know, I throw stars. When my dog and I walk at the park, we are star gazers, enjoying the world around us, excited with the wind and the sky and squirrels.”  

This exhibit series is supported by The City of Perrysburg and curated by  main ART-ery.   For purchase information please contact Kathryn Housepian directly at   For additional information please contact Christine Deemer, Curator at

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