Moku Hanga: A Solo Exhibit by Linda Beeman

Michigan artist Linda Beeman has 30 hand carved, hand painted, hand printed works of art in the ancient water based Japanese art of moku hanga- woodblock prints on exhibit in the Perrysburg Municipal Building through October 16.  Viewing hours  are Monday- Friday 8am-4:30pm

Excerpt from Linda Beeman’s website

Shy That Way by Linda Beeman

Shy That Way by Linda Beeman

Linda Beeman splits her time between the lakeshores of Michigan and Shiga Prefecture Japan where she draws inspiration for her environmental artwork.  Water and nature are the inspirations for the moku hanga prints of Linda J. Beeman. She is passionate about showcasing and conserving the beauty of our waterways and natural areas. Linda seeks out the common beauty of rural landscapes and the lakes, rivers, wetlands and waterfalls found in her travels to transform into prints. The four seasons create an always changing landscape of imagery just waiting to be captured in the beautiful and complex Japanese art form of moku hanga.

Moku means wood and hanga means print. A wood block is carved for each color while overlaying parts of the blocks create second, third and fourth colors.  Watercolor is brushed on to each block and then hand printed on to Japanese washi. Each print may have 2 to 12 or more carved wood blocks. Traditionally, moku hanga was created by workshops of artisans — some carving parts of blocks and some printing. It was a very labor-intensive and time consuming form of artwork. Linda carves and prints each one herself. For that reason, editions are usually limited to 12 prints and never reprinted.

Linda’s detailed prints have garnered top awards in juried competitions. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections around the world. Known for both the precision of her carving and her subtle, quiet colors, Linda’s prints transport the viewer to a place worth knowing and protecting.


Linda Beeman   Meadow Quench

Linda Beeman – Meadow Quench

To make a purchase please contact Linda Beeman directly

email: or call 989 277 3321 

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