Liga Daiga: A Solo Exhibit of Watercolors

Liga Daiga: A Solo Exhibit of Watercolors is on display now through October 17 in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue.
Viewing hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Emerging artist Liga Daiga’s art background exemplifies the best of the Toledo area opportunities to delve into the arts.  In 2009 she enrolled in a Toledo Museum of Art watercolor class.  That class launched her passion for painting.   She soon joined the Toledo Artist Club and  enrolled in a variety of workshops in the area as well as one in Venice Florida.  After two short years of immersing herself in painting and developing her technical skills she began entering art shows and continues to win awards and recognition.  Most recently she was accepted into the juried 2018 Ohio Watercolor Society annual exhibit as well as their travelling show touring for the remainder of the year.  
Ms. Daiga considers herself an intuitive painter who leans towards representational interpretation.  She says, ” I love working with the gorgeous colors of nature (blues, greens, rusts, etc). In fact, nature scenes, especially birches, are my favorite topics. Another important facet of  my paintings is to show movement and emotion. A painting should go beyond replicating an image in the same way as a photograph.  It should be expressive and active.   Lately, I have been concentrating more in the area of abstracts, although I always go back to my home base, birches.”
Liga Daiga: A Solo Exhibit of Watercolors  includes 33 paintings her
abstract work, as well as painterly images of nature.  This public art exhibit series is sponsored by The City of Perrysburg and curated by Christine Deemer of  main ART-ery.
For more information about Liga Daiga’s art work please contact the artist directly at or main ART-ery curator, Christine Deemer at

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