Kelly & Kelly Chalfant Photography Exhibit

A new exhibit is on display in the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue.
Kelly & Kelly Chalfant Photography Exhibit will be on display from July 3 through August 17.
Viewing hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Perrysburg residents, Kelly and Kelly Chalfant are a married couple with much more in common than the same name. Both have a passion for photography, both are talented artists with a good eye for capturing extraordinary photographs.
The couple even shares credit jointly for many award winning photographs rarely taking credit individually.

Kelly and Kelly Chalfant’s photographs have been featured in Ohio Magazine in a variety of articles including a spread on the Perrysburg Bicentennial in 2016. They’ve won numerous awards from the Wood County Parks District and Photo Arts Club of Toledo. Their award winning photos are currently featured in the Wood County Parks Guide and can be seen in their gallery in Bowling Green. Most notable is their 2017 “hoto of the Year” aard by the Ohio State Parks System and the Ohio Division of Natural Resources. Their photo of the Marble Head Lighthouse was selected out of 1400 entries.

Mrs. Kelly Chalfant acknowledges she and her husband do have differences artistically. She says, ” we collaborate on editing. If one or the other isn’t satisfied with how a photo looks we seek input from the other… we have a slightly different aesthetic and that is a good thing.” Both Kelly’s love landscape work, however individually Mrs. Chalfant says she enjoys photographing horses, their dogs, and macro work as well. Her background in equestrian pursuits has served her well in her photography. She recently become the official photographer for the Ohio Dressage Society. Mr. Chafant enjoys photographing architecture and wildlife as well as landscapes.

For more information, or to see samples of Kelly and Kelly Chalfant’s work please visit their website: . All work in the exhibit is for sale. Purchase information can be found
on their website and in the exhibit.

The Municipal Building art exhibits are curated by Main ART-ery and made possible with the support of The City of Perrysburg.
For more information contact Main ART-ery at info@mainart-ery or visit

Dingle Bay-Photograph by Kelly Chalfant

Shelter House- Photograph by Kelly Chalfant

Marblehead Lighthouse- Photograph by Kelly Chalfant

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