Fishing for fun at Creation Station

Creation Station coordinated by Main Art-ery children’s art coordinator, Carol Toney hosted hundreds of eager children throughout the day.  The 2014 theme had a central artful focus on the Maumee River fish and conservation.


Projects included making fish hats, fish printings in the Japanese style of Gyo Taku walleye, blue gill and bass, making a necklace from fish lures (a-luring pendants) mini bio domes and much more.   Special guest Chris Berg, from the Toledo Zoo Education Department  presented hands on learning in the form of bio facts and live specimens for interested children.

An ongoing bottle cap community mural was completed by visitors during the Creation Station hours.

bottle-cap-muralThe Cap-tivating Community Mural, designed by Woodland Elementary School 5th grade student Collin Jackson, was completed by community members during Harrison Rally Day.  Collin won the contest by submitting his design to the Perrysburg Chamber of Commerce.   Community participants followed a color code and glued caps one at a time  all day long during Harrison Rally Day.    

The mural idea was coordinated by Carol Toney, Children’s Art Coordinator for Main Art-ery.  Mrs Toney explained the concept of the mural by saying,  ” Because art is often a channel used to communicate messages, and murals often used to communicate social messages, what better way to communicate to people of all ages that they are capable and called to act and respond to the need for preserving our natural world in which we all share.  Piece by piece, one at a time we can make a difference by combining conservation and art.  By participating in this” CAP-tivating” community project, each cap at a time will illustrate how we are all connected and dependent on each other in maintaining a healthier living environment for all creatures”.   

The mural measures 4ft x 8 ft  and will now travel to public buildings throughout Perrysburg for display.  The first stop will be Way Public Library.  The mural will be exhibited October 3- November 1 and will then travel to the Perrysburg Municipal Building Annex from November 1- December 1.

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