Dani Herrera- Bits and Pieces: A Solo Exhibit

Bits and Pieces: A Solo Exhibit by Dani Herrera showcases Dani Herrera’s artistic use of up-cycled fiber remnants, zippers, media clippings and cast off items are creatively combined to create stunning imagery. The exhibit runs through January 5 at the Perrysburg Municipal Building, 201 W. Indiana Avenue in Perrysburg. Viewing hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. extended evening hours and holiday hours of operation can be found on the City of Perrysburg website: ci.perrysburg.oh.us

Dani Herrera’s collages consistently fascinate viewers of all ages where ever she exhibits. She has been recognized with numerous awards, exhibits, and special commissions both locally and nationwide. The collection of 28 images on view display her creative, stylized portraits and compositions with her signature use of materials painstakingly cut, sliced, and layered, to create complex dimension in one of a kind works of art.

Viewers enjoy identifying her iconic movie star portraits made from bits and pieces of recycled materials, her clever imagery with incorporated items like candy wrappers, dryer lint, hair, and zippers, shimmering color palettes in unique still lifes filled with surprises. When asked about her labor intensive medium the artist says, “I use pretty much anything that others may not see any value in. I try to give it new life. A lot of my work is custom orders. When a loved one or pet has passed away I create a portrait of them or something they loved out of fabric, books, or anything that reminds the family of them.

This exhibit is curated by main ART-ery and made possible by the support of The City of Perrysburg. All artwork is for sale. For purchase information please contact Dani Herrera directly at danimarieherrera@yahoo.com, or visit her social media site: paperDENIMart on Facebook

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